How To Set Up a Bloom Bar Party

When it comes to hosting a memorable event, why settle for ordinary when you can wow your guests with a Flower Bar extravaganza? At Green Thumb Kids, we’re all about transforming your gatherings into vibrant celebrations, and we’re here to share some flower bar ideas and tips to make your bouquet-making party an unforgettable experience!


**Floral Bounty with Local and Seasonal Blooms**

Elevate your flower bar game by embracing local and in-season flowers. It not only adds a touch of freshness but also keeps your budget in check. Picture an enchanting array of locally grown blooms. Your guests will have the chance to experience flower varieties they may have never seen before. Locally blooms lend an air of “farm fresh” beauty to your event. Guests may shy away from the typical store blooms but local flowers, delicate and airy, bright and fragrant, tend to attract even those who insist they have no love for flowers.

**Chalk Signs and Vintage Vases**

Welcome your guests with charming chalk signs, hand lettered with white or colored chalk. Purchase these at a dollar store or get creative and make them yourself with some chalkboard paint and scrap wood pieces.

For lettering, consider purchasing chalk markers to give you the chance to create some flair with fancy lettering or use basic economical colored sidewalk chalk for bold clear signs.

If a vintage touch or environment-friendly look appeals to you, thrift stores are treasure troves for eclectic vases, cups, and bowls. Alternatively, opt for budget-friendly options like small canning jars or repurposed tin cans – a nod to sustainability. Better yet, ask each participant (a few days prior) attending your event to bring a vase from home to refill. Most people have more than enough vases lying around and would welcome the chance to refill and reuse rather than bringing home something new.

**Guiding the Floral Experience with Place Cards and Menus**

Turn novice guests into flower artists with well-placed place cards or signs offering flower bar instructions. Without fail, many of your participants will initially announce that they just can’t arrange flowers. Give them a pleasant surprise. Anyone can arrange flowers when given proper instruction.

Create flower bar instructions to set expectations – “Pick 3 from this table” for focal blooms, and “Pick 2 from this table” for secondary blooms and “Pick 4 from this table” for greenery and fillers. Or use one of our recipe cards that are intended to make even the most artistically-challenged participant feel like they are a floral designer.

If you are looking for something different, consider requesting flowers that can be dried. Then send each guest home with instructions to hang their bouquet upside down for ten days or until dry for an “everlasting” memory of your special event.

Or skip the flowers entirely and request herbal greenery that dries well, corn stalks, grasses and small sunflower heads that have gone to seed for a fall harvest themed “bouquet”.

Or consider making your event bouquet bar a “random acts of kindness” event when your guests make a petite bouquet to take and a second petite bouquet to give away.

The skies the limit! This is your party.

Just remember to guide the event with well placed cards, menus or instructions to help your guests succeed.

**Culinary Companions for Your Blooming Affair**

What’s a flower bar without tasty treats? Elevate your experience with a tea party featuring mini sandwiches, canapés, and cookies adorned with florals such as lavender shortbread. Consider floating a few edible blooms in your punch bowl or choosing floral themed teas such as hibiscus or chamomile.

**For Bridal Bliss: with a Personal Touch**

If you’re setting up a bridal shower bouquet bar, add a personal touch with flower picks featuring the couple’s initials. Or hand lettered tags with the date of the special date or perhaps a picture of the happy couple. Or have your guests all pose with their bouquets framing the bride-to-be for an unforgettable picture. It’s the simple yet meaningful details that transform a bridal shower from ordinary to extraordinary.

**Blossoming at Your Seats: How a Flower Bar Unfolds**

1. Guests receive vases, jars or a recycled bottle, setting the stage for creativity.

2.You verbally provide instructions or aim your guests toward your hand written direction cards. Depending on your party size, plan for ten to twenty minutes for this step. If you have a large amount of guests, consider setting up two bloom bars so each guest gets a chance to enjoy the flower “gathering” experience without feeling rushed or having to stand in a long line.

3. Your guests head into your floral wonderland, choosing from an array of blossoms and greenery. Be present to answer any questions and be aware of any gaps in your instruction cards.

5. Back at their seats, your guests enjoy arranging their chosen blooms. (Don’t forget the scissors for trimming stems to desired length) Consider providing ribbon, burlap, or other decor for the vases or jars. Don’t forget instruction cards on how to decorate the vases or provide a demonstration vase, decorated by you. At least twenty to thirty minutes is needed for this step.

After all your guests have had a chance to “go through” the bloom bar once, invite your guest to “go through” your bloom bar one more time in case they need more filler foliage or another bloom to complete their perfect arrangement.

5. Continue the festivities with flower-themed snacks and drinks. Don’t rush this part. Consider having an amateur or professional photographer to capture the moments at your party. Group photos with finished bouquets are always fun, or individual photos with each participant and their bouquet make for special memories as well. Finished bouquets can provide the decor for the snack table as well.

6. As the event concludes, take home your freshly made floral creation – a reminder of an event steeped in blossoms and laughter! Consider providing brown paper to wrap your guests bouquets or just take them home as is.

**Fun for the Little Ones!** If your event includes children or is designed specifically for them, consider making your flower bar extra special for these pint-sized guests.

Picture this: special mini vases crafted from unbreakable materials or vases they can personalize with their unique touch. Take it up a notch by providing floral wire and floral tape, allowing the little ones to craft their own adorable flower crowns. Imagine the delight as they immerse themselves in a hands-on DIY flower bar, creating memories that are as vibrant as the blooms they choose. Don’t forget their mini chalkboard signs for an extra touch of youthful flair – because making their own bouquet is anything but boring, it’s a blooming adventure! 🌸✨

Transform your event into a floral masterpiece with a flower bar from Green Thumb Kids. Let the petals pave the way to unforgettable memories! 🌷🌿