Growing Great Tomatoes in Pots: Tips for Patio Gardeners

For many of us, the joy of gardening never fades, even as we transition to smaller spaces. If you’re one of the many patio gardeners looking to grow delicious tomatoes in pots, you’re in luck! With a little know-how and the right varieties, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest right from your own patio.


This article is to help you know what to do, once you bring your baby tomato seedlings home from Green Thumb Kids. Follow the stops below for success in your patio garden tomato growing adventures.

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Indeterminate vs. Determinate Plants in Your Garden

Understanding the distinction between indeterminate and determinate plants is one of the key aspects of successful gardening. These terms, often associated with tomatoes but applicable to various crops, influence not only how plants grow but also your gardening approach and expectations. In this guide, let’s unravel the mystery behind indeterminate and determinate plants and explore their unique characteristics.

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Planning Your Garden

When planning your garden layout in Northern Alberta, it’s crucial to consider the unique features of your landscape. Assess the natural slope, sunlight exposure, and wind patterns. Taller plants and structures should ideally be placed on the north side to prevent shading on smaller plants, optimizing sunlight distribution and minimizing the impact of strong northern winds.


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