DIY Wedding Decor

Bride on a Budget: DIY Wedding Decor with Green Thumb Kids’ Bloom Buckets

Are you planning your dream wedding and aiming to keep things within budget? Look no further than Green Thumb Kids’ Bloom Buckets! These affordable and vibrant buckets of freshly harvested blooms offer a fantastic way to create stunning DIY wedding decor without breaking the bank.


**1. **Bountiful Blooms, Beautiful Savings:**

   Green Thumb Kids’ Bloom Buckets come in various themes, each offering a unique array of flowers. Choose from classic sunflowers, vibrant multicolored blooms, seasonal focal flowers, or an elegant mix of artisan blooms. With prices starting at $60, you get an abundance of stems, ensuring your wedding venue is adorned with nature’s beauty.

**2. **DIY Simplicity:**

   Selecting a DIY Bloom Bucket is not only budget-friendly but also a delightful experience. You have the creative freedom to choose a theme that complements your wedding colors or follows a seasonal palette. From classic sunflower arrangements to elegant artisan blooms, the simplicity of DIY arrangements adds a personal touch to your wedding decor.

**3. **Versatility Unleashed:**

   Whether you envision table centerpieces, ceremony backdrops, or bridal party bouquets, our Bloom Buckets provide versatility in every stem.

**4. **Creative Display Ideas on a Budget:**

   – **Repurposed Elegance:** Transform old wine bottles into sophisticated vases by removing labels and spray-painting them in your wedding colors. Arrange single stems or small bunches for a chic and eco-friendly centerpiece.

   – **Lantern Luminescence:** Place blooms inside large Mason jars for a touch of romantic elegance. Use battery-operated fairy lights or candles for an enchanting glow during evening celebrations.

   – **Floating Florals:** Fill clear glass bowls or jars with water and let your blooms float gracefully. This ethereal display adds a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere to your wedding tables.

   – **Cascading Garland:** Create lush garlands by intertwining your favorite blooms and greenery. Drape them along tables, banisters, or even as a backdrop for a natural and picturesque setting. Don’t forget the floral water tubes. 

   – **Classic Mason Jar arrangements:** Classic, timeless and beautiful. Use Mason jars in small, medium or large, to hold your flower arrangements. Follow our tutorial on making mason jar arrangements. 

   – **Vintage Tea Cups:** Hunt for charming vintage tea cups or mismatched saucers at thrift stores. Fill each cup with a small bouquet, creating a delightful and whimsical arrangement for each guest table. You may wish to use a small circle of floral foam, to hold your blooms in place. 

   – **Wooden Crate Wonders:** Arrange wooden crates and cover with burlap or lace and top them with an assortment of blooms. Stack the crates at varying heights to add dimension to your decor. This rustic display is perfect for a barn or countryside wedding.

   – **Bookish Blooms:** Stack vintage books and place small vases with blooms on top. This literary-inspired decor adds character and personal flair to your wedding tables.

   – **Floating Frame Florals:** Secure blooms with water filled floral tubes on the stems inside floating frames, allowing your guests to enjoy 360-degree floral beauty. Hang these frames or place them on tables for a contemporary and artistic touch. Don’t forget about the opportunity to use these floating floral frames for a fun “Photo Booth” for your guests. 

Remember, the key is to let your creativity blossom. Mix and match these ideas to suit your wedding theme and personal style. With Green Thumb Kids’ Bloom Buckets, you not only save on your budget but also unleash a world of possibilities for creating a wedding that reflects your unique love story.

For the wedding party, create a stunning bridal bouquet with a mix of focal blooms and lush greenery, ensuring the bride carries an eye catching originals masterpiece down the aisle. Craft vibrant bridesmaids’ bouquets in a matching but smaller size. Don’t forget the boutonnières; select smaller, unique blooms for a touch of natural elegance. To elevate your hand-tied bouquets with an elegant touch:

– **Ribbon Accent:** Wrap the bouquet stems with a luxurious ribbon in a color that complements your wedding theme. And consider burlap ribbon or strips, thick natural string, fabric squares or circles, or lace wraps. 


– **Vintage Charm:** Integrate heirloom brooches or family jewelry into the bouquet for sentimental and stylish flair.


– **Textured Touch:** Add interest and texture by incorporating florals only, or florals and foliage, or multi colored foliage into the bouquet. Go wild with dried flowers, herbals and texture grasses or aim for the eye catching appeal of a cascading sunflower arrangement. 

These DIY arrangements allow for a personalized, budget-friendly touch to your wedding, making every bloom a symbol of love and celebration.”

**5. **How It Works:**

   – Choose your preferred DIY Bloom Bucket from our diverse offerings.

   – Place your order online, specifying your desired pickup date.

   – Visit our farmstand on the scheduled date to collect your freshly harvested blooms.

**6. **Note of Caution:**

   – Availability varies seasonally, so check our website for current offerings.

   – A $5 bucket deposit is refundable upon return.

   – Flowers are “grower’s choice,” allowing us to curate the freshest and most beautiful blooms for your arrangements.

In conclusion, Green Thumb Kids’ Bloom Buckets are a budget-savvy bride’s best friend. Elevate your wedding decor with the natural beauty of freshly harvested blooms, all while staying true to your financial goals. Create memories and moments that last a lifetime with Green Thumb Kids’ DIY wedding decor solutions.