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Sunflower Field Booking

by Green Thumb Kids

Welcome to the Green Thumb Kids Sunflower Photography venue.  Open mid August to “freeze up” always BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. No drop in’s please. 

All bookings are taken by Instagram direct messaging.

We are exclusively a professional photography venue and only take bookings through photographers.

NO public access at this time.  Please DO NOT show up without an appointment!

September is tightly booked but we have some sessions available here and there, while the weather holds. Please contact for available times.

Our field is under 1/2 acre of sunflowers set against a picturesque backdrop of pine trees, grassy fields,  rolling pasture and a corn field – with photo props like fresh straw bales, wooden benches and more.  We are especially excited about our field this year as we have introduced a “child’s sunflower section” with rows of knee to waist high sunflowers in shades of yellow and red.  The field then moves to two separate plantings of dramatic single headed varieties, expected to bloom until freeze up in fall.

Professional photographers: contact us for a free 15-30 minute promo session/test shoot so you can show your clients what you can do with a sunflower field. One free model allowed.


  • $50 for a private one hour session for 5-10 people.

Also, daily pricing (sun up to sun down) available if you want to move multiple groups through on the same day.  Budget conscious!