If you are NOT a photographer but want photos in our photography venue, please click HERE to access a list of photographers who are experienced in our fields.

Sunflower Field Venue

Welcome to Green Thumb Kids, where we take pride in offering exclusive access to our two enchanting sunflower photography fields, tailor-made for professional photographers and their clients. These private havens, totaling approximately one quarter of an acre each, showcase a captivating display of long-blooming sunflower varieties from mid-July to mid-September, surrounded by wide paths for seamless photo sessions.

Our "back field," slightly larger, blooms a tad earlier, while the "side field" offers a cozier setting with two swings, including a family-sized bench swing, a tree tire swing, a fire bowl, and log seats. These fields are bursting with photographic potential, and we provide an array of photo props, including benches, seats, baskets, wagons, and more.


Mixed Wildflower Field


But wait, there's more! Green Thumb Kids also boasts a third flower field, adorned with mixed wildflower blooms—bright, bold, and approximately knee-high, offering a completely different and vibrant photo experience. Enhanced by a wooden bridge and landscape covered paths, this field ensures a "mud-free" photo session. The brilliant rainbow of colors makes this field stand out, presenting a unique and captivating photography opportunity.

To secure your slice of sunflower and wildflower paradise, bookings are exclusively managed through Instagram DM. The fields start booking as early as January, so we encourage photographers to reserve their slots promptly. Our pricing is photographer-centric, with an hourly rate of $50 for one photographer and their clients, ensuring an intimate and focused session. For a more extended sun-kissed experience, opt for our daily rate of $250, covering five hours or more, from sunrise to sunset. Note that no subletting is permitted, ensuring the utmost exclusivity for your photography endeavors. Capture the beauty, embrace the sunflowers and wildflowers, and create lasting memories at Green Thumb Kids.

Fall Pumpkin Patch Photo Venue

Let Green Thumb Kids be the backdrop to your fall memories, where our farm becomes a canvas for your professional fall photoshoot, featuring numerous creatively styled sets that display the warmth of the season. 

Our standout feature, the pumpkin house, adds a touch of whimsy to your images. 

Throughout the property, fresh straw bales are scattered, creating cozy nooks perfect for those quintessential fall snapshots. 

Explore our pumpkin patch, cozy up on a straw bale couch surrounded by pumpkins and chrysanthemums, or gather around a crackling fire bowl adorned with pumpkins and fall leaves. 

Christmas Venue

For timeless nostalgia, our outdoor Christmas photography venue has a delightful array of meticulously crafted photo sets, each uniquely tailored to meet your needs. A life-sized Santa sleigh, adorned in brilliant red and gold, creates a festive backdrop that captures the spirit of the season. And share a cozy storybook moment on our Christmas-styled bed, or gather around a log pile "wall" framing a crackling fire bowl, surrounded by inviting log seats.

Our classic swing set, featuring old-fashioned wooden board swings. Illuminating the scene is a wooden-lit Christmas tree, radiating warmth and holiday cheer. And for those quintessential decorating shots, we present a classic Christmas tree with a wooden ladder, inviting you to reach for the perfect festive touches. 

At Green Thumb Kids, every detail is meticulously arranged to transform your Christmas photography session into a magical experience.