Bloom Buckets! (Bulk flowers)

Welcome to Our Bloom Buckets! (Bulk flowers)

Are you seeking an economical way to make your own small floral bouquets? 

At Green Thumb Kids we’re delighted to offer a unique opportunity for brides on a budget and special events.

We cut and fill the bucket with the freshest flowers from our farm and condition overnight so you get the very best flowers; cool, hydrated and ready for your creative touch. 

Perfect for events/weddings on a budget who intend to make their own arrangements. Each one gallon bucket will fill approximately eight mason jar table top arrangements or three bridal arrangements. 

Pickup must be prompt at the pre-arranged time.

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

1. The Classy Classic:

• One Gallon Bucket

Approximately 30 stems of timeless, classic-colored sunflowers. Let the bright oranges, yellows and dark and gold centres light up your event with traditional bold beauty. 

• Price: $60

2. The Bucket of Joy:

• One Gallon Bucket

• Bursting with joy, this bucket contains approximately 25 stems of vibrant, multicolored sunflowers. Guaranteed to bring smiles. You will be wowed by deep maroons so dark they are almost black, vibrant pinks, flashes of reds and gold, subdued peach, double teddy bear types and more! For the truly adventurous at heart.

• Price: $60

3. The Blossom Bliss Bucket:

• One Gallon Bucket

A stunning mix of seasonal focal blooms and lush greenery/fillers. With approximately 40-50 stems, each bucket is a dynamic blend of nature’s best. While we can suggest an approximate color theme, the beauty of nature means it may not adhere precisely – embracing the wild, the whimsical, the fragrant. For the wild at heart. 

• Price: $60

4. The Radiant Rainbow Bucket:

• One Gallon Bucket

• For those who prefer a simple and unadorned look, this bucket contains approximately 30 stems of our best artisan blooms, no filler – letting the beauty of the blooms take center stage. Suggest a preferred color palette, and we’ll work our magic to curate a collection that harmonizes with nature’s palette, creating a personalized bloom experience just for you. For those who appreciate the allure of simplicity and unpretentious elegance. 

• Price: $60

How It Works:

• Select your preferred DIY bloom bucket from our offerings.

• Place your order online and specify your preferred pickup date.

• Visit our farmstand on the scheduled date to collect your freshly harvested blooms.

Please Note:

• Availability may vary based on the season, so check our website for current offerings.

           Bucket deposit is $5. Refundable when bucket is returned.

  • Flowers are “grower’s choice,” meaning we do not accommodate strict color palettes. You choose the color palette bucket that works best for you, we choose content and we’ll do our best to match your preferred color theme.

Here is a small taste of the cultivated varieties that we will have in August :



Large white daisy





White Dill







Sweet Pea 


Rose Mallow


Transform your special day with the vibrant charm of fresh, locally grown blooms. Embrace the beauty of nature, and let the Green Thumb Kids flowers be a part of your unforgettable moments.