Green Thumb Kids' Farmstand, is a late summer tradition that has been on our lane for over five years. Opening its doors in mid-August, our Farmstand has the finest fruits of our labor. From farm-fresh bouquets bursting with brilliant flowers to sun-ripened tomatoes, fragrant herbs, crisp sweet corn, and a vibrant array of freshly dug baby potatoes in every imaginable hue, our offerings celebrate the bounties of our farm.

As you explore the Farmstand, you'll encounter crisp new carrots, homemade jams that capture the essence of summer, and artisanal sheep's milk soaps, each crafted with care. Come and experience the sensory delights of Green Thumb Kids' Farmstand, open daily from 12 PM to 7 PM. Immerse yourself in the flavors, scents, and vibrant colors that define our late summer harvest, and let the tradition continue with every visit.