The Classy Classic Sunflower Bucket


The Classy Classic Sunflower Bucket:

• One Gallon Bucket

• Approximately 30 stems of timeless, classic-colored sunflowers. Let the bright oranges, yellows and dark and gold centres light up your event with traditional bold beauty. 

• Price: $60


How It Works:

• Select your preferred DIY bloom bucket from our offerings.

• Place your order online and specify your preferred pickup date.

• Visit our farmstand on the scheduled date to collect your freshly harvested blooms.

Please Note:

• Availability may vary based on the season, so check our website for current offerings.

           Bucket deposit is $5. Refundable when bucket is returned. Or bring your own bucket.

  • Flowers are “grower’s choice,” meaning we do not accommodate strict color palettes. You choose the color palette bucket that works best for you, we choose content and we’ll do our best to match your preferred color theme.