Flower Subscription – Six Weeks


🌸 **Bringing the Farm Home:**

**Why Join Our Cut Flower Share:**

Community supported agriculture or “flower shares” is a way to support our farm by purchasing a “share” of what we produce. Pre-buying a flower share (bouquet subscription) helps us schedule our growing season and pre-plan the resources we need to make it a success.

Small Steps, Big Impact – Support Local Farming!

**How it Works:**

🌼 **Weekly Blooms:** 🌼A fresh farm-raised floral masterpiece is designed for you every week.

Choose sunflowers only and let us wow you with the classic/the wild/the unusual or choose “growers choice” and let us choose the best of the season from our flower farm.

🌼 **Farmstand Pickup:**🌼 Your bouquet will be ready for you every Thursday 12-7pm at our Farmstand, wrapped in brown paper and tied with rustic twine. You will be texted a reminder on Thursday morning.

For the six or eight week package, you choose the weeks you want your bouquet ready for you.

For the ten week package, your bouquet will be ready for you every week of our season. If you are away, you can choose to “gift” your bouquet to a friend and have them pickup instead.

If you are unable to pick up, please gift your bouquet to a friend and have her pickup instead.

(Or pickup in Sherwood Park, location TBA. )

**What’s in Your Share:**

🌸**Each week, you’ll receive a handcrafted farm-fresh bouquet, arranged in a eco-friendly container, wrapped with brown paper.**🌸

🌿Earthy and true to our farm’s “living simple” spirit, these country-styled bouquets will capture the rustic beauty of our farm’s best seasonal blooms. 🌿Locally grown.

🌿Brilliant eye catching blooms, fragrant herbs, colorful foliage and more.

🌿No pesticides or herbicides used on property.

🌿Sustainably grown, thoughtfully chosen flower varieties to support our native pollinator species and provide food for our migratory and permanent avian population.


💐The first pickup date is July 18th.

💐The last pickup date is September 19th.

🌸For Farmstand or Sherwood Park pickup:

6 weeks is $120 (you choose the pickup dates between July 18th and Sept 19th)

8 weeks is $160 (you choose the dates between July 18th and Sept 19th)

10 weeks is $200 (includes bonus pumpkin floral arrangement and one free u-pick coupon)

🌸Want to give a cut flower share as a gift?🌷

We’ll gladly provide a lovely e-card explaining your thoughtful and unique gift that you can print out or email to the recipient. When checking out, please leave a note with your order that it is a gift so we know to email you the gift card. Please also share the cellphone number of the gift recipient so we have it for when the time comes to get flowers into their hands.

Ready to bring a piece of the farm home? 🏡🌿