Who We Are

Green Thumb Kids is a family-run small farm, growing more than just seedlings, fresh vegetables and stunning flowers; we cultivate warm smiles and happy memories.

  Family Run

  Small Farm

About Us

It's Not Easy Being GREEN

At Green Thumb Kids, we take pride in our commitment to making the world greener through sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture practices.

Our Commitment

We are committed to Home-Grown superstars! Our flowers and food skip the airplane ride. No long distance travel, just pure LOCAL goodness.

Why Choose Us

    Next Generation Farmers

Cultivating a blooming legacy, Green Thumb Kids are the next generation of youth farmers, where innovation meets a passion for sustainable agriculture


Rooted in the heart of our community, Green Thumb Kids is your local oasis for farm-fresh flowers and produce, connecting you with the vibrant essence of our homegrown harvest.


Dedicated to a greener future, Green Thumb Kids champions sustainable farming practices, ensuring each bloom and harvest is a step towards cultivating a healthier and more environmentally conscious world.